in seventh grade my girlfriend wrote me a note to break up with me and i acted like i didnt find it and acted completely normal all day and sat with her at lunch and then at the end of the day i broke up with her in front of our whole math class and she said I BROKE UP WITH YOU FIRST and i said wow thats pathetic and nobody believes that and she cried and i watched gay porn in 7th grade anyway so the joke is double on her

oh my god hello how are you welcome to my aquarium

oh my god hello how are you welcome to my aquarium




Thank you for being a friend
Travelled down the road and back again

Super Golden Friends

Best. Thing. Ever.


Cosmo sex tip #346


To really surprise your partner during sex, die.


starting today…

We should ban life jackets and other flotation devices. They only encourage risky behavior. The only 100% effective way to prevent drowning is total abstinence from going in the water.

And if you do, by chance, find yourself struggling with drowning, then no life-saving or otherwise procedure or act should be allowed to be administered. You got yourself into this mess, you have to live with the consequences.

You should see drowning as a gift.

You, there with the sunglasses! You’re just asking for it.

Also, if you were forcibly pushed into the water, don’t worry. If it was a legitimate pushing, your body will find a way to shut out all the water and survive the drowning.



Ladies & Gents, i present to you The BATMAN: The World’s Greatest Detective. lolz.

He’s always been a man of mysterious ways.

Viserys was Mad Aerys’s son, just so. Daenerys…Daenerys is quite different. The frightened child who sheltered in my manse died on the Dothraki sea, and was reborn in blood and fire. This dragon queen who wears her name is a true Targaryen.

pretty much

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